Analepse  is nominated by the Fondation de France.

Project developers, as Analepse felt design have the hope dhoping to get the grant (Déclic jeune 2015).

Interview and visit the studio of Analepse with journalist  Anne Lebrun.  Notélé broadcast on May 16, 2014.




MoOd 2014


Bruxelles expo

innovation platform

9,10,11 september




Vitrine pour un Designer


May 25 to June 12

Museum of Fine Arts, Tournai.


Cocktail: May 25 at 20h, Manet room.







FINALIST of this program rewarding design and textile heritage of the Nord Pas de Calais (France) and Wallonia (Belgium) organized by the Rotary Club Tournai 3 Lys, Tournai,Tournai Haut Escaut et le Rotary Club de Roubaix.



Press conference

March 25, 2014 at 19h

Château du Biez, Pecq




Cuir à Paris

Première vision pluriel



Paris Nord villepinte hall 3

17,18,18 september 2013


MoOd 2013


Bruxelles expo

innovation platform

10-12 septembre 2013



Conception textile pour

Pierre Collard - design(s)



Tali Chair


KnickleBones (Tali for the Romans) is a game of very ancient origin, played with usually five small objects, which are thrown up and caught in various ways. The Tali Chair just works the same. The user can sit on any side of the chair and enjoy a different colour or finish depending the setup of the chair.





photo by Julien Hayard


Design September

La lustrerie

153 rue des Palais Schaerbeek




Cuir à Paris

Première vision pluriels



Paris Nord villepinte hall 4

12,13,14 february 2013