Analepse felt design is a textile design studio specialized in the creation of needle felting fabrics.




The needle felting differs from traditional wool felt wich made with soap and frictions.

Originally, the needle punching is a contemporary technique used in industry for insulation panels (wool). It allows the fusion of various raws materials.


Analepse felt design exports  this technique in the world of artisanal textile design. It brings fresh breath to the traditional and industrial felt technique by developing new methods such as felting fur or feather.


Multivalent, the know-how of Analepse can be in the image of an embroidery, unlike the traditional felt.

Differing of industrial felt, it can draw partially on the surface and design a variety of materials and shapes.


Atmosphere, inspiration


drawing freehand


Research textures, contextures, structures


Elaboration of color range


realization of patterns using digital tools