Felting fur

Felting is applied to leftover furs or skins prepared by craftsmen furriers.

The particularity of furs being  guard hairs abundant and dense like the fox, the Icelandic  sheep,  the marmot, the rabbit, the goat mohair…

The furs can be felted on their edges or through their skins on a textile base. This technique of felting reveals duplex fabrics. Recto and verso, possessing his own aspect and pattern.


Felting feathers

Analepse uses the felting properties of vanes of feathers. Composed of keratin, the light and hooked structure of the barb merges perfectly with other raw material.

The selected feathers come from breedings birds and from molts such as those from Red-necked pheasant, lady Amherst pheasant, chinchilla rooster, partridge… This raw material offers a great range of colors and amazing patterns.

In contrast to operation with glue from feather work, the felt of feather can  preserve an intact verso and soft, squashy texture under specific conditions.


Embroidery felted