“ I consider textile design as the extension of the living.

A sensitive and animated fabric is vibrating through meanderings, but also through its fragile and changing colors, its elasticity and complexity.


The young textile designer, Emmanuelle Budéneau is searching for this fascinating animism through precious and natural fabrics such as feathers, leather and fur.

The interest for these materials remains in the fact that they are constantly carrying the memory of their origins.

She is graduated from lycée de la mode (Cholet) with a bac STI and from ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels) with a master degree.

Since her childhood she has been interested in flexible materials and developed the idea that controlling them would be rediscovering them.

She was first trained to create prototypes and industrial fashion patterning. According to her it is essential to get into the fabric and into the depth of an object.

For the past five years she has been developing the needling method as her specialize knowledge.

With the interest in skill ability preservation she is willing to reconsider traditionnal uses of materials and to envisage new ways to work with them.